Vocal Training

Matthew Quek Vocal Studios

This is the lesson plan I adopt for all my students and it has yielded good results all these years I have been teaching. In all, it should be about ten lessons or more and there should be visible results. Students must be able to perform solo and in a group before graduation and certification.

Level 1

Lesson 1: Testing of range and voice timbre for each student (1hr)
Lesson 2: Breathing techniques- what it means to really use proper diaphragmatic support (1hr)
Lesson 3: Alexander technique- proper posturing and spine-neck alignment (1hr)
Note: Students will have assignments for homework and revision for most lessons

Level 2

Lesson 4: How to bridge the registers smoothly and without strain (1hr)
Lesson 5: Proper and natural Vocal placement (1hr)
Lesson 6: Tonal focus (1hr)

Level 3

Lesson 7: Resonance- how to utilize for different effects and putting it all together (1hr)
Lesson 8: Imagery- Singing is 90% mental and is in the mind. Muscles correspond with what the mind tells it to do (1hr)

Level 4

Lesson 9: Singing technique combos (1hr)

  •  How to utilize diaphragmatic support, with facial muscles and imagery, putting it all together

Lesson 10: Body language, stage craft, how to use the eyes in communication (1hr)

Level 5

Tackling different styles and utilizing different placement for effects (one hour each lesson)

  1. Classical (not in depth, only those who are interested)
  2. Musical theater
  3. Jazz
  4. Pop (Both Mandarin and English. Even Korean pop can be used as repertoire)
  5. R&B


Lessons 1 & 2:
Group $50 per person for a group of three or more. Individual is $100 per lesson

Lessons 3, 4 & 5 and beyond
Group $70 per person per lesson or $200 whichever is higher. Individual is $100 per lesson

All interested parties please email matthewquek@matthewquekonline.com or mquek7@gmail.com


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